Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week Two: "Bad Days"

This post is coming from a very emotional place, but I think it touches on aspects of teaching that we all need to consider at some point. We all have bad days, we're human, and most of the time I think we can all walk into the classroom and leave the other "stuff" at the door...because we have to. That doesn't necessarily mean we have to pretend (because then there's the tendency to overcompensate), but we need to genuinely focus on the positive while recognizing that the negative exists.

We need to be able to allow ourselves that bad day in order to get past it, but it's also essential to do so in such a way that it doesn't effect our students. Thus far, I've never had to face this situation in the classroom as a teacher, but I have as a student. I've seen how a teacher's or professor's "bad day" can affect learning for their students, and I've seen how my own "bad days" effect my ability to learn. As a teacher, what are your strategies for addressing those "bad days," and what positive aspects would you choose to focus on?