Monday, August 29, 2011

Change...It's A Wonderful And Terrible Thing

So much has happened since I last blogged...the main reason I haven't done so, there just hasn't been the time. Soooo, here's a summary of what has been going on in my world! I did, in fact, finish packing and am settled into my new "home". The night I finished packing my beautiful godson, Sebastian, was born. Unfortunately, I had to move in the next morning and didn't have a chance to see him before I left...well, I did get to see pictures before I left, but it isn't quite the same. Once (mostly) settled in, I quickly began eight-hour-a-day marching band rehearsals (and survived), and today is the first day of classes.

There are so many things that have happened in between all of this that I cannot even begin to describe it all. There are so many emotions, so many times I have wished I could read people's minds, and plenty I wish I could change (though if given the opportunity I still wouldn't). Life is confusing, change is exciting and yet terrifying, and there are so many thoughts chasing each other around my head it's a wonder I can still function sometimes. But here I am, functioning and tackling this crazy life one day at a time...and realizing that the crazy isn't all bad. Everything that has happened has taught me something, and some wonderful things have come out of the most difficult times.

Just so you all know...I am back, I am writing, and I'm full of some kind of crazy-nervous-excited-terrified-insane energy. Expect more from me soon! I'm sure I will have plenty to talk about...