Friday, August 19, 2011

One More Cup Of Tea

I hate packing...I always have, I probably always will. Most of my packing is done already and I still hate it. I had the foresight to pack what I could at the beginning of the summer, so now all I have are the items I use daily...and clothing. Should be easy, right? No. No, it isn't, it's a packing nightmare! Also, I still need to fit all those previously packed boxes into the trunk of my SUV. And, even if I forget about how much I hate packing, I get to think about carrying everything up three stories to my room. Yes, I am complaining (I will admit it). That, unfortunately, doesn't change the fact that I have zero motivation to do anything packing related today.

There is a long list of things I wish I was doing today that keeps stubbornly scrolling through my brain. Guess what? Packing isn't one of them! Neither is moving. I cannot even express how relieved I will be when everything is packed, moved, and unpacked. I don't particularly enjoy the unpacking either, but I think I can handle it. It's frightening to think that all of this needs to be done by early tomorrow afternoon. By about four o'clock to be precise. Oh, woe is me (now I am being dramatic)!

I suppose it's time to just buckle down and start packing, right after I eat a big spoonful of Nutella (I am human, I have weaknesses) and chug a glass of milk. After packing, if it doesn't take all darn day, maybe I'll have a shot at some "me time" before I take the plunge and start a new year! In the meantime I will have to plan my "last supper" before it's back to cafeteria food (where I can eat frozen Chinese food and crappy chicken to my heart's content and beyond)! Just one more cup of tea and I'm ready to go...