Monday, August 15, 2011

Note To Self

I think I've finally found the solution to all my problems...stop looking for a solution. That isn't to say I don't have a lot to do and there won't be a lot on my mind, but I need to stop looking for answers where there are none. I need to be patient, give things time, and understand that sometimes we all have problems that won't just go away, that can't just be solved. That doesn't mean they won't go away eventually but it takes time...time, effort, and dedication. Sometimes it's painful, sometimes we all need a good cry, and sometimes we have to accept that we may never have the answers.

This isn't some copout, stop-caring-about-life's about accepting the truth. There are some things that we can change and some we can't. We can change our lives, we have the power within ourselves to do incredible things, but we can't change other people unless they are willing to accept change. We can show them, teach them, lead them down one path or another, we can give them opportunities, we can support them, but we cannot change them. I suppose that means I have a life of showing, teaching, leading, and supporting ahead of me.

Sometimes the right answers hardly seem like answers at all. They're hard to live with, hard to wrap your mind around, and hardest to accept. The right answers are neither logical nor emotional but a balance of the two...logical results with emotional acceptance (or resignation). I have accepted that what is right is not always easy but that I know, deep down, that I wouldn't have it any other way. I know this sounds obscure, but I needed to get it down in writing. I need to know I can come back to these thoughts and remind myself "why" when things get tough.