Sunday, July 10, 2011

It Was Love At First Sight...And Still Is

I know it's been a couple days since I last posted anything, but I promise I'm still here! Right now I'm thoroughly occupied visiting my grandparents, Holly, and Parker. I have the most wonderful, precious godson in the world and there's nowhere I'd rather be! Needless to say, I have many, many stories...he is two after all. There are so many moments that I wish I could share but I certainly can't share them all. Today he was running around with a pair of freshly laundered underpants on his head, yesterday we had a music lesson on recorder (he danced and jumped up and down every time he made a sound), tonight he crawled into my lap and cuddled with me...I was enthusiastically hugged to death. I will remember every moment I spend with him, and I'm so blessed to have him in my life, even if a few months from now he will be thousands of miles away again. I love that little boy with all my heart!