Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Of Those Days

Sooo...yesterday after posting a comment about how much I needed to get back in a classroom, an old high school friend wrote back and told me that the local childcare center is hiring. Keep the opportunities coming! The only problem is that I have so much to do this summer. I'm leaving to be a camp councilor in three days, my grandmother is coming to visit from France, and I desperately need some time with my cousin and godson! I'd LOVE to have the job, and I could use the money, but visiting family is still more important to me. I don't want to apply for a job when I'm going to be gone the following week...and when I get back from camp I don't want to ask for a week off after only having worked for a week or two. But it's such a good opportunity! I'd love the experience, a chance to do what I love, and an income never hurts either.

Besides that, I'm relatively uninteresting and uninspiring today. The cleaning process continues. I can now see the floor, so that's progress, but I have a lot more to accomplish today if I'm going to be ready to leave for camp and have company over as soon as I return. If I can get my mess consolidated (from three rooms down to one) I'll be able to live with it until I get back. That's definitely doable. I apologize for the short post and lack of picture, but today is one of those get-the-housework-done days where there just isn't much going on. I promise plenty of crazy stories in the near future! ...and some crafting and lots of pictures when I finish cleaning!!!