Monday, June 13, 2011

Ready To Tackle The World...Or Not

I woke up this morning, ready to get out there and get motivated and turn my life around. It was a good plan, in theory. If it were more effective in practice then my life would be darn near perfect by now. I'm usually good at getting things done and keeping busy, just not the things that really need to get done. It's easy for me to keep things clean and stay on top of work...unless I get behind.

This is why I hate moving. You pack everything up and then, when it's time to unpack, you have a thousand other things to do simultaneously. Then the mess gets progressively worse and every time you feel motivated you take one look at the pile of boxes left to unpack and sort, sigh, and sit back down. And if you're me you don't get to any of the things you want to do because you just can't concentrate when everything's such a mess (or find a darned thing)!

I still, however, manage to find plenty of things to do. One day I cleaned out the fridge, another I caught up on dishes. I filled out paperwork, sorted laundry, studied a book on the history of the Middle East, wrote a to-do list (ahhh, the irony), made some important phone calls, and today I baked brownies. In fact, I've done just about everything there is to do besides what I NEED to do. How convenient!

I think today is the day. Today I embrace the fact that in order to make things cleaner they must first get messier. I accept the fact that it won't all get done in one day, but it also shouldn't take weeks...nor do I have weeks. I understand that there are still other things I need to get done but that they will be easier to accomplish when it no longer looks like I've been the victim of a natural disaster or home-invasion gone wrong.