Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Word Of The Day: Pedagogy

As promised, the story of the education student who didn't know the word "pedagogy"...brought to you by Facebook chat! If you are an education student reading this and do not know what pedagogy means please LOOK IT UP! It's an essential addition to your educational vocabulary!

Person 1: So, one of my coworkers just finished her junior year in AYA Math Ed at *insert name of college*

Person 2: Nice!

Person 1: Yeah, except *insert name of other college* is better. Case and point: I have previously relied on her to be my education buddy.

Person 2: Well, yeah...that was obvious!

Person 1: Because let's face it, I need one, otherwise I have nothing to say to the world.

Person 2: Education buddies are important. They're my favorite people!

Person 1: And we were discussing the table graces we sing before meals. There are poster that have them written out which we have, in previous summers, not used. But our boss wanted us to get them out and use them. *Anonymous* asked why we were taking time during training to do so. I said, it was important because not everyone has been to *insert name of camp*. Besides, "it's good pedagogy!"

Person 2: Haha.

Person 1: Anonymous: What's that?
Person 1: What's what?
Anonymous: Whatever that word was you said.
Person 1: Pedagogy?

Person 2: Hahaha.

Person 1: Anonymous: Yeah...never heard of it.
Person 1: How are you an ed student and you've never heard the word pedagogy?!
Anonymous: I dunno...I don't know all that theoretical stuff.

Person 2: My ed soul is cringing.

Person 1: Person 1 (mentally): What expletive can I use that will not be offensive? MUST TELL *INSERT NAME HERE*. Text message was sent moments after.

Person 2: Wow...

Person 1: Yeah

Person 2: *Insert name of other college* is looking better and better. :)